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Our present product series is comprised of multi-crystalline solar photovoltaic cells with an efficiency range of 15.80 to 17.40% average efficiency in the band of 0.2% absolute efficiency. Indosolar cells are coated with silicon nitrite anti reflection coating deposited by plasma CVD. The cells are metalized on the front with screen-printed silver as well as electrolytically plated pure silver. On the back, cells employ high quality aluminums for BSF and silver for bus bars. Indosolar cells are edge isolated by wet chemical process. Therefore the cells have achieved a low leakage, high shunt, and low series resistance products. As a result low power loss in the field. The cells are also passivated by chemically grown silicon dioxide on both their fronts and backs, thus providing very high reliability over a long period of time.


3 Bus Bar (6”) Multi crystalline Photovoltaic Cells

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