We are India's Premium PV solar cell manufacturer producing high-efficiency premium solar cell and modules.
We believe in the integrity of our products and ensure customer satisfaction.


Our products are built to last longer than industry requirements.


Solar Energy is more cost effective for all users, and eventually free.


We continuously upgrade our processes and inputs to stay ahead.


“More than an industrial venture, IndoSolar is a mission, a challenge and a commitment to making India self-reliant in clean energy.”

- B.K. Gupta, Indosolar Limited.

Established in 2008, Indosolar is the vision of Indian entrepreneur, Mr. Bhushan Kumar Gupta, a champion of boosting India’s domestic manufacturing capabilities and delivering high efficiency solar products to the local and international markets. Mr. B.K. Gupta’s vast industrial experience includes founding Phoenix Lamps Ltd., the fourth largest Automotive Halogen Lamp manufacturer worldwide, and pioneering the introduction of Automotive Halogen, General Lighting Halogen and Compact Fluorescent Lamp Technology to the Indian home market.


“Solar is at the brink of grid parity in comparison with conventional sources
of energy and is expected to grow exponentially in the next decade making solar energy highly cost effective for all users. Being India’s largest solar cell manufacturer we have the opportunity to leverage our in depth knowledge and economies of scale to be more competitive in open markets. We intend on being a true global leader in manufacturing and have plans for entire value chain security in order to be a world-class solar solutions provider in India and in the global market.”

H.R. Gupta, Indosolar Limited.

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